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Sports Bottle


Colours: assorted

Packaging: Polybag

Add. info: 

Quantity per Carton: 48 sets

Gross Weight Per Carton: N/A

Carton Dimensions: N/A



Colours: Red /Black /Green

Packaging: Polybag

Add. info: 

Quantity per Carton:  24 sets

Gross Weight Per Carton: 6.5 Kg

Carton Dimensions: 63x40.5x29 cm


Acrylic Jug


Colours:Red /Blue /Orange /Green

Packaging: Polybag

Add. info: Matching design with product RHW-1129X

Currently out of stock

Quantity per Carton: 12 sets 

Gross Weight Per Carton: 5.6 Kg

Carton Dimensions: 57.5x43.5x26.5 cm

Acrylic Cups


Colours: Red /Blue /Orange /Green

Packaging: Polybag

Add. info: Matching design with product RHW-1238

Quantity per Carton: 24 pieces 

Gross Weight Per Carton: 3.3 Kg

Carton Dimensions: 38x28.5x35 cm

Xtra-Large Acrylic Tumblers


Colours: Red /Blue /Orange /Green

Packaging: Polybag

Add. info: 900ml volume

Quantity per Carton: 36 pieces

Gross Weight Per Carton: 4.9 Kg

Carton Dimensions: 48x32.5x32.8 cm

3.6 Litre Plastic Dispenser with Cups


Colours: Red /Blue /Orange /Green

Packaging: Polybag

Add. info: Includes 4 matching plastic cups

Quantity per Carton:  8 sets

Gross Weight Per Carton: 3.8 Kg

Carton Dimensions: 61x31x28.5 cm

Dessert Bowl and Spoon set


Colours: 1x Blue, 1x Orange, 1x Purple, 1x Green per set


Transparent giftbox

Add. info: Set includes 4 bowls and spoons

Quantity per Carton: 12 sets 

Gross Weight Per Carton: 6.4 Kg

Carton Dimensions: 50.5x50.5x32.5 cm

Laundry Clips

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